Message from Regional Director


Dear Stakeholders,

             ESI Scheme was first implemented in Goa in 1975 and Goa has become a full fledged Region of ESIC on 03/10/1988 headed by a Regional Director. Thereafter, ESlC, Goa has improved the Scheme activities and infrastructural facilities in a steady manner by reaching out to our Stakeholders.

            Today ESI Scheme, Goa caters to about 1.6 lakhs of Insured Persons covering approximately 6.4 lakhs of ESI beneficiaries which is approximately 40% of the population of Goa and providing comprehensive Social Security protection to Insured Persons. ESI Scheme is now implemented in the entire territory of Goa State which is a unique credit only to Goa and recently two more ESI Dispensaries were opened at Verna and Honda. As the part of ESIC's national policy to improve the infrastructural facilities, ESI, Goa also has improved the facilities of ESI institutions. ESl Hospital, Margao has undergone a major renovation and up gradation and full fledged operation of the Hospital with all latest medical facilities is expected shortly. Similarly, the computerization, process launched by ESIC with the help of M/s. Wipro is successfully implemented in Goa. Govt of Goa who is administering the medical benefits has fully adopted the online services of Dhanwantri module of IT roll out. Enrollment of Pehchan cards (Smart Cards) for majority of Insured Persons is also completed in Goa which enables the Insured Persons to take ESI services anywhere, anytime.

        I would like to congratulate all the Stakeholders of ESI Scheme, like, Employers, Employees, Industrial associations, Trade Unions for actively co-operating with ESI management for the improvement of ESI Scheme in Goa. We have also empanelled leading private hospitals for the cashless secondary/super specialty treatment facilities in Goa and also progressing in the direction of opening one more ESI Hospital in North Goa in future.

         ESI Scheme being a comprehensive Social Security Scheme, touching the lives of lakhs of workers and their family members, we encourage our stakeholders to come forward to communicate any problems/difficulties faced by them in receiving the ESI benefits from any of our ESI institutions. Your keen interest and involvement on ESI Scheme will go a long way in ensuring timely support to our esteemed beneficiaries,

         With my best wishes,

                                                                                                                        Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                                           (CV Joseph)

                                                                                                                         Regional Director